Month: December 2020

Action Movies On Aha App: Arjun Suravaram, Moothon, Jallikattu

Action Movies On Aha App: Arjun Suravaram, Moothon, Jallikattu

It’s a very special OTT to all the telugu audience. A special and a complete OTT which is filled with telugu TV shows and movies for telugu audience. A telugu viewer can find all kinds of shows and movies on Aha without any complaints and limitations. Let’s checkout some of the famous and super hit action packed movies on Aha. Arjun Suravaram, Moothon and Jallikattu are the movies which are completely made for Action movies lovers. Enjoy watching action movies and spend a lovely time with loved ones. Movies on aha are made for the ones who love to binge watch like you.


Arjun suravaram is a movie which is a story of a guy who is a passionate journalist. His life story is our storyline for the movie. He accepts his dad as motivation. He works with every one of his endeavors. In that cycle, he goes gaga for his kindred writer Kavya. Kavya is an agreeable and delightful young lady. While they are having a decent life a major bomb impacts all over. A news comes out saying Arjun is important for the huge trick of certificate forgure. Which isn’t accurate. Every single perspective is plot for him saying he was part. He had no approaches to substantiate himself honestly. What happens to Arjun Suravram, will he be proven honest?

Moothon is an extremely actionful movie of a boy called Mulla, who is in search of his brother who left him years ago. Mulla is 14years, who lives in Lakshadweep with a fisherman Moosa.  His brother Akbar leaves him and goes to Mumbai. Mulla wants to chase his brother and stay with him no matter what. He gets a contact named Amena who stays in Mumbai and finally after facing so many hardships. He gets a ship to Mumbai and reaches. But his brother will not be found. He faces plenty of problems. He remembers all his hardship in the island as he was bullied. Watch this movie to know if he will meet his brother Akbar. What will Akbar go through in Mumbai. What happens to Mulla.

Jallikattu is a movie of a small village where the beef will be offered by only one butcher. The butcher’s home is the one-stop place for all the people who require meat. The story begins when the wild buffalo escapes from the slaughterhouse and makes tumult in the town. People of the towns lose their mind when quite a wild buffalo starts to wreck the social structures in that tribal town. Watch this movie to know what happens in the village and its people with the matter of beef. How they stop the ruin that wild buffalo made shows the hereditary standards of the gathering.

Watch these movies which are made with so much perfection. You will not stop watching this movie in between, which is guaranteed. Action movies like this must be in your checklist. Rock you weekend with action movies online on Aha.